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Packing and Crating Services

Packing service for moving

Moving time means packing time. If your in the Ottawa Gatineau area and your moving, packing is the biggest time drainer of the move process. Packing and crating services often get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of moving, and for that reason packed items, or items that should have been packed, are the most commonly damaged during the moving process. D.G. MacDonald Moving in Ottawa Gatineau can show you what things to pack when moving, how to pack certain items, such as packing bowls for moving, and other packing ideas.


Ottawa Gatineau Professional Packers

At D.G. MacDonald moving we offer our clients professional packing services, and as a member company of united van lines, no matter where you’re moving in Canada, the US, or abroad, we can offer unpacking, uncrating, and debris removal services as well.

Having your Ottawa-Gatineau home professionally packed takes the stress out of relocating. Our friendly professional crews will arrive at your home a day or two before your intended move date, and using specially designed packing materials, prepare the contents of your home for transport. Not all moving companies pack and unpack, due to the added liability, but at D.G. MacDonald we are so confident in our techniques, we know your belongings are safe when packed by our Ottawa-Gatineau packers.

We carry specially designed cartons for framed artwork and mirrors, hanging clothes, and delicate china and glassware. All of our cartons are made of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard, and our unbleached packing paper comes from 100% recycled sources.


Best way to pack for moving day

If you’ve decided to tackle the task of packing your belongings on your own, there are some packing ideas you should keep in mind:

  • Moving companies will not assume liability for damages to owner packed items unless the container is visibly damaged
  • Use lots of paper/bubble wrap/linens to keep items from being able to move inside the box while they’re in transit
  • Pack dresser drawers with soft, non-breakable, non paper items. Fill excess space with packing paper
  • Be sure to pack everything, this includes lamps and shades, framed artwork and mirrors.
  • Pack heavy items like books, magazines, and files in small boxes. Be sure to empty filing cabinets, and desk drawers.
  • Use tape!! Do not fold in the flaps of the boxes to close the bottom or top.
  • Use standard moving cartons, not liquor store, or grocery store boxes.


Unpacking Services in your new home

D.G. MacDonald Moving and United Van Lines offer unpacking services. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re going to put everything in cupboards and drawers so you can never find it, but rather open cartons, unwrap items, ensure there is nothing damaged, and place them neatly on surfaces near where you want them to go. It also gives us an opportunity to recover the debris from your move, and recycle them properly. When disposed of properly, all of our materials are 100% recyclable.  Both D.G. MacDonald and United Van Lines are committed to green initiatives, that reduce the impact of industry on the environment.

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