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Self Storage Ottawa Gatineau

Storage Solutions in Ottawa Gatineau

Our Ottawa StorageĀ UnitsĀ offers our customers clean, private, and secure climate controlled storage at our Ottawa Gatineau moving branch. Our Ottawa Gatineau Storage units are monitored by 24 video surveillance, and 2-way security systems. D.G. MacDonald Moving is one of the top Ottawa Gatineau storage company that can help with short or long term storage needs.

Your belongings are padded, wrapped, and covered in plastic before being loaded into individual storage pallets.

Ottawa Gatineau Self Storage Unit Cost breakdown

The cost for local storage in Ottawa Gatineau, as well as moving into and out of storage, is based on the weight of the goods stored. This means that the time taken to load your belongings will not affect the price you pay, so you can sit back, relax, and let our friendly and professional crews disassemble your beds, and other standard furniture, and store your belongings.

This is also beneficial if your storage term is indefinite, and you do not have a new home at the time of your goods being stored. If you then choose to ship your goods long distance, we already have an exact weight, so your quote can be guaranteed.

Your shipment is accessible in storage with an appointment, labour charges may apply. Partial months are prorated, so if you come in to storage mid-month, or leave storage before the end of the month, you will pay only for the days your actually used.

Call today to reserve your space, or arrange for a free, no-obligation in home estimate with one of our friendly professional consultants.

Replacement value protection - added peace of mind

We do also offer additional replacement coverage for your belongs, on the move, and while in storage. We always recommend that you first check with your home insurance provider, as they often do have policies that cover local moving and storage.

Our optional replacement value protection is based on $10 of coverage per pound of the shipment. For example, if your shipment weighs 2000lbs, the minimum Replacement Value Protection would be $20,000. You are free to increase the coverage as you see fit, but must purchase at least the minimum.

For storage shipments, the rate is $1/Month per $1000 of RVP, so for $20,000 the monthly charge would be only $20.

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